You Won’t Believe How Insane This Rally Ford Fiesta WRC Is

Just weeks ago, Ford announced the new 2018 Ford Fiesta and now they hit us with this incredible Rally Ford Fiesta WRC version which means the rally team “M-Sport” were given access to work on it very early on.

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The WRC version is something you would discharge during a world war if you need to get up and running pretty quickly and on any surface. You would think that since this Rally Ford Fiesta WRC shares the Fiesta name, it would have something in common with the economy munchbox?

Not really, practically nothing besides a handful of parts. It’s berserk and it’s wider than your king sized bed because air is priority here – and the Rally Ford Fiesta WRC is going to need plenty of it for downforce and inhalation.

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To inhale all that air, the baby Ford is equipped with a 1.6-liter turbo Ecoboost engine that slumps down 380 horses onto the ground and according to the M-Sport team it’s louder than a pocket full of powder. Ok, I admit i made that up, but they said it’s pretty loud.

M-Sport is the team that worked on the Rally Ford Fiesta WRC – equipped with a hydraulically shifting six-speed sequential gearbox and all-wheel drive ofcourse. The suspension is made to accommodate rally terrain and the WRX Fiesta is safer now thanks to an enforced steel rollcage and a 50 per cent increase in ‘energy absorbing foam’ which helps protect the occupants.


Are you into this rally version? I personally think a road-legal version like this that adapts the formula of the Mustang GT350R would be something very desirable and would open an entire bank roll of opportunities for Fords performance division.

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