Why The 2017 Ford Focus RS Will Annihilate the Hot Hatch Market

The new 2017 Ford Focus RS is a beast to say the least, based on initial specs at least. We heard there will be a sophisticated AWD system, a turbo charged 2.3 Liter 4 potter with up to 320+ hp and a drift button. We automatically see the potential of a killer hot hatch that will completely annihilate the current hot hatch market.

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“We use the Nürburgring for development because of the variety of corners. But we won’t be posting a time. Same with 0-62mph here or quarter-mile times in the US. It’s about feel, precision, not just the numbers. It’s more complicated than just ‘We’re the fastest.'”

Here is why the 2017 Ford Focus RS will Annihilate the Hot Hatch Market:

2015 Ford Focus RS - 12

1. For the first time, the RS series will be sold in the United States which means it will eat a majority of the market:

The Ford Focus RS wasn’t sold in the United States before, and was offered in Europe only. This time, the U.S gets the same exact Euro Spec 2017 Ford Focus RS which means same power and more smiley faces. The 2017 Ford Focus RS will be sold as an import in the United States however, as it gets completely assembled in Ford’s Saarlouis, Germany.

2015 Ford Focus RS - 2

2. No torque steer, No RevoKnuckle (BECAUSE) AWD:

The RevoKnuckle was used to reduce under-steer and torque steer on the previous RS500 models which meant it affected handling capabilities, but now that we have a new sophisticated AWD system – we don’t need to worry about handling issues.

2015 Ford Focus RS - 10

3. Eco Boost turbo charged 2.3 Liter engine from the 15′ Mustang, only a bit better:

You essentially get the same 2.3 Liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine, but it gets some RS treatment. How about a new cylinder head, a new turbocharger, and a new cooling setup to work with the Focus’s transverse engine layout and differently shaped front end. Expect up to 360 hp. Enough said.

2015 Ford Focus RS - 14

4. The AWD system is completely developed by Ford, and it puts the Haldex system to shame with it’s torque vectoring talents:

The Haldex AWD system is used on almost all VW, Audi and many other cars. The Volkswagen Golf R uses it too. But Ford built their own AWD system completely in-house, and it can manage much more sophisticated tasks like sending 100 % of the power to the front axle, or 70 % to the rear depending on the situation – the AWD can also route 70 percent of the available torque to the rear axle and then splitting that evenly between each rear wheel, even more extreme is the ability to send 100 percent of that power to a single rear wheel ( ONE WHEEL). Which translates to more drift fun and insane handling characteristic.

2015 Ford Focus RS - 15

5. Smart RS, Brembo Brakes and a Manual Transmission ONLY:

Nothing special for a sports car, but the 2017 Ford Focus RS uses them to her advantage – While or during a corner, the RS can brake the inside wheel(S) in the front axle to create a Yaw movement known as understeer mitigation which translates to ridiculous gripping abilities on corners. Did we mention it will be available in Manual transmission only? But do we really care? This means auto enthusiasts and hot hatch nuts will be lining up to get one of these beasts once they hit the showroom lot by the dozen.

2015 Ford Focus RS - 16

Basically the same interior you get in the ST with some minor modifications

2015 Ford Focus RS - 3

Improved Recaro seats compared to current Focus ST models

6. Ford is very serious about grip and handling, all RS models will come with Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires.

We had the Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires on our R36 and boy do they grip like nothing, even the most serious Pirelli tires can’t even touch the Super Sport’s and that’s because they have been tested and proven many times (A less extreme version of the super cup tires 2 used on the Porsche 918, The LaFerrari and the Porsche GT3RS .. enough said). Both the front and the rear 19-inch  rims will be fitted with 235/35/19 Michelin Pilot Super Sports.

2015 Ford Focus RS - 7

7. There is a huge RS spoiler in the back:

Ok, this is not important but that spoiler is HUGE.

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