So What’s The Mercedes AMG GT C?


The recent leaked documents from Mercedes-Benz reveal their future product plans for the next two year, and in that line-up was the AMG GT C convertible and GT C coupe slatted for 2017. But the line-up remains rather vague when it comes to the GT series – Many reports were stating that the new AMG GT C is just a convertible version of the standard GT, but that’s not true. The GT C will be another model to complete the line up and slot right between the AMG GT S and the GT R.

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It’s pretty simple to be honest; Diamler confirms  “C is not for convertible,” and the new AMG GT C will be bang in the middle of the GT S and GT R in terms of performance and price but there will also be a topless version of the AMG GT S in the future. Now we know Mercedes-Benz is aiming for the Porsche 911 and their entire line-up but are they sort of wasting time just slowly dripping models onto the scene while Porsche gets to work on their 911 and improve it further.


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Meanwhile, you could wait for the Paris Motor Show for a possible unveiling of the GT C coupe and convertible versions – but if you were like us, you’d probably be waiting for the AMG GT Black Series which should directly rival the Porsche GT 2 RS although we don’t know if they can match those insane performance figures.

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