Vorsteiner McLaren 570-VX Lifts Up The 570’s Entry Level Look


Vorsteiner are responsible for some of the best exotic kits you will ever see, and this Vorsteiner McLaren 570-VX is nothing short of spectacular.

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Now, the entry level McLaren 570 might be a bit too ugly for your taste and it could use a bit of aesthetic refurbishment and that’s exactly what the guys at Vorsteiner did. It almost looks like a P1 GTR with a little less exposed body work.


Most notable is the huge carbon fiber rear wing that stretches all the way from the lower rear-bumper to way beyond the decklid, then you would also notice the massive down-force inducing rear diffuser blades that are similar to the ones found in the Vorsteiner Huracan.

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The Vorsteiner McLaren 570-VX is actually a styling package for the McLaren 570S and 570GT expected to be revealed at the SEMA 2016 next week. The package also include tweaked carbon air intakes, a carbon fiber front splitter and bespoke body work.


Of-course, it wouldn’t be a Vorsteiner package without their famous forged wheels which are not limited to one option but many for the customers to match with their new bespoke kit.

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