Volkswagen Removes “Das Auto” Motto, but why?

Volkswagen Removes Das Auto Motto

Amidst the recent crisis that hit Volkswagen head quarters this year in September since the Diesel scandal unfolded, a lot has changed and many executives have been shuffled and removed from the German manufacturer seeing how many of them were involved in the diesel cheat that manipulated the emissions stats.

What’s the price Volkswagen paid for after their recent Diesel Scandal? Their stocks plummeted hard, resale value suffered, sales dropped by a big chunk the public just doesn’t trust them anymore and that’s an understatement.

The ‘Das Auto’ motto is now going to be exed out after an announcement that came from a meeting held yesterday between 2,000 VW group managers in favor of replacing the Das Auto with just Volkswagen. In-case you were wondering what “Das Auto” means – it’s German for “the car”.

In favor of the newer approach, the new name Volkswagen will roll-out immediately and slowly replace the old Das Auto world wide, but the slogan might still be seen here and there.


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