Volkswagen Introduces New Sport Coupe Concept GTE

2017 Volkswagen Sport Coupe GTE 2

The new Volkswagen CC (Sport Comfort Coupe) concept.

Volkswagen had already shed light on their intention to build a new four dour comfort coupe and introduce it at the Geneva Motor Show tomorrow – March 3d as the new 2017 Volkswagen Sport Coupe GTE.

Expecting nothing less than great, Volkswagen says the 2017 Volkswagen Sport Coupe GTE is the begging of a new era that translates Volkswagen’s new design language, which fits in perfectly for the brand. The new Volkswagen CC is placed in the upper B segment, which makes this sports coupe concept a bit bigger than the current CC model, with a larger wheelbase of 118.9 inches, and an increase in overall length measuring 191.7 inches in total.

2017 Volkswagen Sport Coupe GTE 12

Trunk space increased and is measured at 17 cubic feet from 13 cubic feet in the CC, which means more luxury, technology and luggage to bring about. The design took on another level with sharper lines and a larger bolder physique that is reminiscent of the previous generation VW CC design lines, just bulkier this time.

The front grille is not attached to the dual LED headlight units on each side of the car making the CC look much more aggressive with those chrome accented air vents and bold C line lower shaped vents. While on the inside, the 2017 Volkswagen Sport Coupe GTE benefits from high quality materials and state of the art technology which connects with the drivers bio-metrics data to boost the experience and quickly sync in with the drivers devices including his smartphone and his smart watch, directly pairing with the car’s on-board navigation system to make it easier for him. There will also be a 12.3 inch large display for the rear seat passengers for media and climate functions.

2017 Volkswagen Sport Coupe GTE 8

The 2017 Volkswagen Sport Coupe GTE is going to get a 3.0 liter turbocharged V6 direct-injection engine that produces 295 hp, while the concept version  also getting two electric motors in the front and rear to boost power an additional 168 hp paired with a shift wire 6 speed DSG.

2017 Volkswagen Sport Coupe GTE 10

On electricity, the power will be delivered to the rear axle only and will travel up to 32 miles or 52 km at least before recharging for more. While the the 2017 Volkswagen Sport Coupe GTE is driving in normal conditions, it used the V6 engine to deliver power to the front wheels to consume as little fuel as possible, but in sport mode it couples both the electric motors and the v6 to sprint from 0-100 km/h in 5.0 seconds.

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