Volkswagen Bans Pokémon Go From All Their Employees

Volkswagen Bans Pokémon Go From All Their Employees

Volkswagen isn’t about to expose any more of its secrets so it decided to ban the installation of Pokémon Go for all of the 70,000 employees that work at the factory by sending them an email warning them from using their shitty little Pokémon Go app.

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Why you may ask? Isn’t it obvious that the sheep driven app on your phone uses data tracking, location logging and your own goddamn camera to capture Pokemons. Think about it, anytime someone who has access (hackers, government..etc) to the servers can access your phone camera and record whatever you see on that little screen. It doesn’t mean you’re important, but the location which you are in might have something of interest for the snooper. Volkswagen and Iran both banned the game for the same reasons.

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You can find a copy of the email on Volkswagen’s site in German. VW is basically worried about corporate espionage via the apps built-in information tracking and having that on every employees phone poses a big risk to any manufacturer or company.

But fret not VW employee, you can get your own phone at your own home and capture imaginary monsters like the rest of the sheep on this planet. sigh.

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