Volkswagen 300-Mile EV Set For Paris Motorshow


EV’s are becoming a thing of the present rather than something that belongs to the future. Volkswagen will debut an official Volkswagen 300-Mile EV at the 2016 Paris Motor Show.

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The move cements Volkswagens stand to prevent anymore damage from the recent diesel scandal that plummeted the companies reputation – I would like to point out that VW were very smart with their moves, tackling each and every problem with a mini solution (that worked!). Hell, they even removed the Das Auto slogan for the sake of staying true to their values “apparently”.


What about the size of this new EV?

Volkswagen brand chief Herbert Diess revealed that the Volkswagen 300-Mile EV is sized similarly to the Golf but has the cargo space of a Passat. He added that the vehicle should average between 400-600 km (248-372 miles)

This was achieved due to the space left out by having no petrol motor or any of the things you need to run one. Instead all you need is a small electric motor and a big battery in the middle.

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Although VW will be debuting a Volkswagen 300-Mile EV concept at the Paris Motor Show, it would only be a concept that would resemble the final production vehicle set for 2019.




Volkswagen is going all out with their new range of EV models. A new MEB platform will host all of the new EVs produced by Volkswagen and probably crawl its way to other manufacturers from the Volkswagen group.

It’s not just a couple of vehicles that would be powered by electricity. No, Volkswagen is looking to get up to 30-battery powered cars by 2025 which should represent 25% of total sales volume from the German manufacturer.

The BUDD-E concept attached is the brands take on an electric car sitting on an MEB platform.

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