Video: The 1341 HP Koenigsegg One Reaches 225 MPH

The Koenigsegg One is a car that needs no introductions, but to put you at ease here are the specs of this asphalt murdering machines; 1,341 Horsepower and 1,341 Kg’s hence the One:1 produced by Swedish supercar manufacturer Koenigsegg known for cars like the Agera R which could run with a Bugatti Veyron and come out on top in some situations.

Only six units will be made from the Koenigsegg One:1 and one of these units belong to the BHP Project group base in the United Kingdom which recently placed an order for one of these bad boys and we get yo enjoy some of their videos on their YouTube channel. Life is good..

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The run you seen in the video was undertaken by Koenigsegg official test driver Robert Serwanski who personally delivered the One:1 to the owners but the car was running on regular pump gas which limits the power output to 1,160. 1,341 hp requires an ehtanol-blended fuel but don’t let that fool you, as the car was able to reach the 225 mph speed on pump gas.

The car is powered by a 5.0 liter V-8 engine that gets extra air from those two turbochargers but it still can’t get close to the Koenigsegg Regera which registers at 1,500 hp thanks to its electric system onboard that benefits from a single gear transmission and some un-traditional Hybrid technology as Christian Von Koenigsegg likes to say.


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