Video: Porsche 918 Mauls the Lexus LFA

Come on, you didn’t really expect the Lexus LFA to stand a chance against the Hyper Porsche 918 did you? Watch as these big boys go toe to toe, only thing is – The Lexus ends up in the back watching the 918’s galactic take off while it feels like it is powered by two cylinders.

We love the Lexus LFA, we really do.. But to pit it up against a car like the Porsche 918 is pure madness for the fact that the Porsche 918 is aided by electric motors and proper engineering. We all know the Lexus LFA was a project Toyota and Lexus weren’t too sure about, and it took years of development until it was finally released which means it isn’t full developed, although Yamaha (The sound engineering company for the Exhaust of the LFA) were responsible for one of the greatest sounding V10’s ever.

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