Video: Pagani Zonda F Totaled in Dubai

My god, the owner of this Pagani Zonda F managed to somehow crash his wonderful piece of Italian Automotive art – and I can’t help but feel bad for him. Images of the destroyed yellow Pagani Zonda F flooded the internet on Saturday evening when the event took place in Down Town Dubai next to Dubai Mall.

Almurabba managed to make a video of the before and after of the 10 year old Pagani Zonda F Roadster which was built in 2011, the car crashed into the sidewalk and ran into some obstacles which rendered it totaled from every aspect.

Pagani Zonda F crashed in Hong Kong

Pagani Zonda F crashed in Hong Kong

Just earlier this year another Pagani Zonda F was smashed to pieces in Hong Kong, maybe the car doesn’t like it when your foot is heavy on its delicate Italian accelerator pedal? Or maybe the 7.3 Liter AMG V12 that pushed 650 horsepower isn’t as forgiving as these owners might think.


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