Video & More: Glorious Alfa Romeo Giulia Revealed

This is it ladies and gentlemen. The new Alfa Romeo Giulia sedan has been confirmed and it is glorious indeed, with that engine borrowed from Ferrari we don’t see how you may be able to resist it.

Glorious Alfa Romeo Giulia (3)

The Italian Alfa Romeo gives us the flagship Qadrifoglio sedan sports car that is capable of a 0-62 mph time in a mind boggling 3.9 seconds thanks to that Ferrari-derived 3.0 liter twin turbo V-6 which can produce 510 hp thanks to the amazing low weight and power to weight ratio that keeps it down to three kilograms per hp. The car handles like a beast too, with a weight distribution of 50/50 front to rear and some state of the art torque vectoring and active aero, we can’t see this big boy going out of the corners any better. The car will also be getting a Rear-Wheel drive system with AWD (All Wheel Drive) availabity developed by their Skunkworks pogram

Alfa Romeo Giulia interior


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And as the Italians like it direct and in your face, you will find the driver engine mode switch on the steering wheel similar to what you would see in a modern day Ferrari – Modes range from Natural, Dynamic, Advanced Efficient and Racing. It has been confirmed as of today that the Alfa Romeo Giulia will indeed get a Manual transmission with six gears to row all by yourself without the intervention of any electronics.

Glorious Alfa Romeo Giulia (8)

As with corporate cousin Ferrari’s Formula One-inspired Manettino switch, drivers will be able to select different engine modes—Dynamic, Natural, Advanced Efficient and Racing—from the steering wheel. Other features added onto the glorious looking Alfa Romeo Giulia include lightweight materials throughout, electronically-controlled adaptive dampers and active aerodynamics.

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