Video & More: 2016 Ford Focus RS Available in the US

Yes, it is true! The spring of 2016 will bring us a Wonderfull hot hatch which will be indeed sold in the all dealerships across the country.

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Who might Ford be targeting with the Ford Focus RS You may ask? The likes of the Volkswagen Golf R, Mercedes A45 AMG and the amazing Subaru WRX STI. The madness ensued when Ford announced the 2.3 Liter Four-Cylinder turbo charged engine which produces 345 hp according to latest rumors. All wheel drive will be available on all models, with torque vectoring, adjustable suspension and different driving modes including the drift-mode which allows you to drift this hot hatch via transferring all power to the rear-wheels and tuning the suspension automatically.

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The third Focus RS produced is the 2016 Ford Focus RS has been treated to some pampering at the spa, given all the extra bits to make it outperform the competition, and that exhaust sounds amazing – we heard it during the launch when Ken Block drove it and it got us all riled up. It also has a very impressive drag coefficient number of just 0.35.

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The AWD system fitted to the 2016 Ford Focus RS is called the “Ford Performance AWD” which is quite advanced, packing twin electronically controlled clutch packs on each side of the rear drive unit to manage the car’s rear/front torque split between wheels. It can also control the side-to-side torque distribution on the rear axle with a maximum of 70 percent being sent to the drive torque which can then be delivered to the rear axle, with the ability to transfer 100 percent power to each rear wheel.

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The Chassis on the 2016 Ford Focus RS includes a stiffer spring rate, sport suspension and more efficient bushes and antiroll bars than the previous generation Ford Focus RS. A new Knuckle design with shorter link arms was used to optimize the suspension with the addition of two switchable modes for the damper settings – one being firm for track use and a street version.

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Handling has been upped massively, with the rear drive unit diverting torque diverting torque to the outer rearl wheel based on inputs from the driver such as speed,lateral acceleration, steering wheel angle,  and yaw. This manages to (almost) completely eliminate understeer during hard cornering and provide better grip and maneuverability abilities.

Will you be buying the new 2016 Ford Focus RS? Let us know!

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