Video: Jeremy Clarkson Says Bye to Top Gear & Replaced by Chris Evans

Yea, we all knew Jeremy wasn’t coming back to Top Gear after they sacked him. I mean the dude practically made the show, and they simply fired him like it was nothing.

Find out what the Stig, James May and Richard Hammond have to say about Jeremy Clarkson leaving Top Gear.

Check out the story behind the #Fracas

The actual story was very simple, Jeremy wasn’t served his favorite steak in hot manner at a North Yorkshire hotel so he made some rude comments towards the producers then proceeded to punch a junior produce and he was let go the next day. But there isn’t anything that comes without consequences.

Jeremy Clarkson Fires off before he leaves top gear

The interesting bit is: Chris Evans – no not the American Actor from Captain America, another dude from Radio 2’s Breakfast Show which is already panning out to be a disaster in the making. I wish it was the American Dude, that would have been interesting.

Lord Hall (BBC head) will thank Clarkson for all he did to make Top Gear the best automotive show on earth and then proceed to let him go, as he declared BBC wont tolerate such behavior from its staff.

Even Pierce Morgan is trying to get in on the action, who do you think should replace Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear?

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