Video: Hyperloop Coming Soon To Dubai and Abu Dhabi?


The Hyperloop in Dubai and Abu Dhabi is already signed off for production and the guys at ‘BIG’ get their way with the new Hyperloop One High-speed transportation system they designed.

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Let’s watch the video teaser of the hyperloop One design as ‘BIG’ partner “Jakob Lange” walks us through his vision and the plans to take Hyperloop to a modern and large scale metropolis in the city of Dubai. In this small preview, Jakob Lange shows us mini clips of the design before its official unveiling on 7 November 2016 in Dubai.

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The Hyperloop in Dubai idea has been thoroughly considered until recently the government was interested in starting a contest – where teams presented their designs and ideas for a functional Hyperloop system that would spread in the city of Dubai and all the way to Abu Dhabi.


They system should be able to take a passenger from Dubai to Fujairah in 10 minutes, from Dubai to Abu Dhabi in less than 15 minutes and probably have multiple tunnels to transfer several pods.


Hyperloop systems integrate a low-pressure pipe that enables capsules inside to travel at speeds of up to 1,200kmh.

Although this concept was first introduced by Elon Musk and the genius decided it was beneficial for everyone to try and implement it. Thus he kept it as an open source patent which allows anyone to modify and implement upon the original idea.

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