Video: Here’s why you should not commit a crime in Abu Dhabi..

Abu Dhabi Police just released a video titled “Abu Dhabi… Safe City” which looks like a professionally produced clip that actually shows you current Abu Dhabi Police operations and intel that do go on during chases or when tracking criminals in real time.

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During the video, you will notice the ekin Patrol action that goes down, which is basically a technology that allows the Police units in the UAE to read license plates and criminal offences, including facial recognition, tracked car speed & surrounding vehicle speeds and GPS data tracing sent directly to the dispatched patrols and the police headquarters basically rendering your every move within the city parameters.

This might seem like some hollywood trickery but the reality is – This is all true and it was made possible thanks to the recent decision of Abu Dhabi government which just activated the smart digital maps system that is set to aid in different aspects of improving the peoples life and overall safety.

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