Video: The Grand Tour Has a New Stig And He Might Be Familiar To You


The Stig was a very established brand, man, racing driver, man/machine, erm… Let’s just say he was an essential part to the Top Gear tv show. And let’s be honest; we all missed him so very much. But the Grand Tour is actually bringing back someone and he might be familiar to you as well.

In the clip, Clarkson, Hammond, and May look for a driver around the race track only to find none other than the old Stig “Ben Collins” who used to be the mysterious man behind the helmet during the old Top Gear before the trio left.

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They called him “The Stog”, or something. Because you obviously can’t use the Stig since BBC owns that name. If you happen to know a bit about Top Gear history, you would know that Ben Collins was fired from Top Gear back in 2010 after he published his book “The Man in The White Suite” which obviously ruined the mysterious element for BBC.

It’s all very exciting to see James, Hammond and May back at it again and with the original Stig at the helm pushing cars to their limits – it can’t get any better than this. I really do feel sorry for BBC if they think they have a shot, especially if both seasons air at the same time.


Top Gear fans are die-hard fans and they will follow the trio and not the show. It’s all about the chemistry these guys have together, it’s what made the show so successful for the past century. Now with BBC’s corporate hand out of the way, expect it to be better than ever.

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