Video: Ferrari F12 TDF Turns all Four Wheels

So what’s the deal with this new Ferrari F12 TDF that everyone is talking about? I mean sure; it looks like a Ferrari.. It has an exotic yellow paint job and seems to be an F12 Berlinetta with a body kit but there is more to it than you think.

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The Italian manufacturer decided to add some modifications to the standard Ferrari F12 Berlinetta that got the 6.3-liter V12 engine more juice with 770 horsepower and 520 lb-ft of torque on tap which are numbers any super-car would be proud to have. There is also a video that shows us what Ferrari’s new front and rear wheel steering looks like – It’s meant to improve handling and vehicle dynamics and is called the virtual short wheelbase – Italian > “Passo Corto Virtuale”


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Including the aforementioned 4-wheel steering technology, the Ferrari F12 TDF works on improving vehicle dynamic control systems to further improve handling and cornering while also increasing stability at high speeds, the new system also reduces oversteer as you already noticed in the video. The new TDF can pull Gs of up to 1.43 which is mind boggling considering the older model aside from quicker steering response and looking ever meaner, we like..

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The Ferrari F12 TDF is much lighter as well with aerodynamic improvements via new body-kit, larger tires, brakes and wheels. The brakes are the same ones you would find on the LaFerrari which are the one-piece design brakes capable of stopping the Ferrari F12 TDF in just 121 meters from 200 km/h (124 mph) which is 10 m less than the standard F12 Berlinetta.

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