Trump Calls for German Car Sales ban in the United States; Says It’s Very Bad

Trump calls for German car export ban

Trump has been known to target everything that lives on earth, and now German cars aren’t safe from his threats. In a recent NATO summit in Brussels where top EU leaders gathered, Trump had a lot to say about the United States’s unhealthy export regime of German cars.

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Referencing the trade imbalance in the U.S. – Trump had a few harsh words to say; “The Germans are bad, very bad… Look at the millions of cars they sell in the US. We will stop this.” a translated statement from German news outlets which sparked rage in the German community.

This isn’t something new, Trump has been very vocal about increasing U.S. production and reducing import from neighbouring EU countries, he also criticized Daimler, VW and BMW for not building American-market cars stateside. He want’s them to pay 35 percent tax on each car exported to the states.

What do you think? With Germany exporting the highest percentage of their cars to their cars, should they feel threatened?

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