Toyota to Mass Produce Electric Cars by 2020


Toyota has a fleet of Fuel-cell and hybrid cars but they aren’t producing electric cars at all, and they are certainly not focusing on them as much as petrol and diesel options. That’s about to change however.

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By 2020, Toyota wants to start mass producing their own fleet of electric cars by commissioning their own in-house team for planning and development of the electric vehicles by 2017.



The plan is to start producing an all electric EV car with a range of more than 300-km  (186 miles) on the Prius platform or even the Corolla sedan platform, with the capability of offering it as an SUV as well.

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Toyota was reported to be working on their own battery for their EV range, but the brand might outsource them from some other company to cut costs and improve efficiency.

This comes at no surprise since most car manufacturers are heading for an all electric line-up by 2025. But when Volkswagen announced they would do so by 2020, Toyota had to jump on the train before it was too late.

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