Toyota & Lexus recalls 1.75m cars worldwide over defects


( – *Just recently the number went up from 1.6m to 1.75m*  This isn’t the first time Toyota recalls such massive amounts of cars worldwide, looking back at 2009 when Toyota’s reputation and sales were largely affected due to the massive recall crisis that ensued right after the Financial recession. Toyota the Japanese giant carmaker is recalling close to 1.75 Million cars worldwide for 3 defects: 1. Fuel component issues 2. Faulty brake installations 3. faulty brake master cylinder.

In a recent statement by Toyota, it clarified in an email to many different News outlets that it was not aware of any crashes, deaths or injuries that were a result of the defects stated. Around 1.05 Million cars will be recalled in the carmakers hometown ” Japan” and 615,000 overseas which include the Toyota models Crown Majesta, Noah,Voxy, Crown,  Auris, Corolla Rumion and a dozen Lexus models .


In the latest recall, around 803,000 Toyota Crown Majesta, Noah, Crown and Voxy models which were manufactured between June 2007 and June 2012 will be recalled due to a faulty rubber seal ring in the brake master cylinder to avoid brake fluid leakage while the models that already leaked will have their brake booster replaced.

While the second recall of 759,000 cars globally, 423,000 of those in the United States will fix the faulty fuel delivery pipes that in the worst-case scenario might cause a fire through a fuel leak moving these vehicles as priority in a first recall.


While Japan will have 190,000 front-wheel drive Auris and Corolla Rumion models belt between October 2006 and 2014 that were not equipped with an idling feature that handles fixing a defective fuel evaporative emission control unit.

This recall somehow managed to rise Shares in Toyota which closed 0.2 percent higher in Tokyo at 5,990 yen after the recalls were announced.

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