Top Gear: People Attack the Wrong Chris Evans

Top Gear People attacking the wrong chris Evans

Chris Evans @ChrisEvans plays Captain America and many other roles in MOVIES, but Top Gear fans have been on a rage lately after the BBC series aired it’s first season with the new cast. The man you want to target would be @AChrisEvans – Yea you can go at it as much as you want.

It’s no secret people are reacting this way towards Chris, the show has opened with its lowest audience in a decade and people said it was right out “boring”.




The funny thing is; the British Chris Evans is all defensive about it and assures people or haters as he calls them “Everyone who watched the show, including the audience” that the reboot was a hit. Dude, Chris. I’m not sure if the show was a hit, or if you need a hit to wake up. I kind of feel bad for the dude honestly, but those are some pretty big shoes he was trying to fill up replacing Jeremy and it isn’t all his fault.

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Let’s not forget that the show is a team effort, and everything from the script to the editing reflects back on the viewer and it was just a “mess”.

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