Top Gear Cast Not So Bad After All.. Chris Harris and Sabine Schmitz Join the Crew


The new Top Gear Cast? Word is, Motoring journalist Chris Harris and German racing driver Sabine Schmitz will be joining the crew which akes for a nice mix-up and a refreashing female face for the first time on the British motoring show. The other member would be the previously announced Chris Evans and retired F1 racing driver David Coulthard.

Many of us already know these people but for those who rarely follow the motoring world, it might be quite difficult to put these faces into place. Chris Harris is a motoring sensation on Youtube via his channel Chris Harris on Cars where he provides apt entertainment and some pretty expensive drifting you wouldn’t see other motoring journalist dare to do on camera – he was once denied the LaFerrari because the Italians didn’t want him to slide the tail with their expensive hybrid, he ended up doing exactly that though when he eventually got hold of one.

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