Opinion: Top Gear Airs Season 23 Episode 1

Top Gear Season 23 Episode 1

Rumors, trailers, teasers, cast change, new hosts, suspicions and jokes were a few exciting bits that went into play before BBC aired their first episode of the 23rd season with the all new cast.

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Spoilers ahead, so if you didn’t watch the show yet – go and watch it, but if you could care less continue reading.

They begin the episode with the new Dodge Viper ACR and pit it against its most formidable opponent the Corvette Z06 to determine who the king of  muscle cars is. The humor is dry, the tricks are kiddish to say the least and I’m procrastinating for the old trio badly, but worst of all was the lack of beautiful editing that we were used to before. Remember those beautiful colorfull shots before Jeremy or the other two reviewed the car – yea, they are gone “For now”.

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If Jeremy Clarkson were watching the new Top Gear Season 23 Episode 1, he would be laughing his ass off; literally. It was not good, and I’m trying to be as neutral as possible – I really wanted to say it wasn’t all that bad but, the truth is the truth. And to begin the episode with a dig at Jeremy Clarkson was just sick, like who would make fun of the guy that made the show what it is for almost 20 years? That’s just lacking any sort of color. Chris, F$%^ off dude.

Gotta love the fake car failures added here and there, and the “forced to laugh and clap audience”.

And on that bombshell I felt like I was watching a Youtube spoof of the original Top Gear with a serious tone.

To remember the great ol’ TG, i added a link to the most viewed Youtube video of the show. It also happens to be a LaFerrari, which Gordon Ramsey who appeared on the guest lap part; told us is going to have a limited edition Spyder version with 150 made only. I guess Ferrari decided to break the news in an unusual way on the shows reboot.

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