Top 10 Insurnace Claims

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Recently, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety in the United States released a report about the most insurance claimed cars. To do this, they compiled extensive claims information and proceeded to analyze the subsequent occurrence of claims for cars.

So wondering where and if the car you drive falls on this list? Well, let’s have a gander and take a look at the top 10 as rated by IIHS.

  1. Chevrolet Aveo (wagon) – 22.3 claims/1000
  2. Nissan Sentra – 23 claims/1000
  3. Dodge Avenger – 23.7 claims/1000
  4. (tie) Hyundai Accent – 24.6 claims/1000
  5. (tie) Nissan Versa – 24.6 claims/1000
  6. Kia Rio – 24.9 claims/1000
  7. Mitsubishi Galant – 25.4 claims/1000
  8. Chevrolet Aveo – 26 claims/1000
  9. Suzuki SX4 – 26.6 claims/1000

And at number one, that’s right, you guessed it correctly, the Toyota Yaris checks in with the most claims per 1000 at 28.5.

You may be wondering why with the exception of the Dodge Avenger which is classified as a mid-size car, the list contains all small and compact cars. Well there is a general answer to that question. As Matt Moore says, who is the VP of Highway Loss Data Institute, “Smaller vehicles are more likely to be in urban areas, and smaller vehicles are likely to be driven more frequently because they’re owned by a single person in a given household,” he said in an interview. “Large cars tend to be owned by drivers who have two or three cars garaged, or more cars than people per household.”

In other words, what Mr. Moore is saying is that smaller cars are more likely used as an all-purpose vehicle. Going to work, the store to pickup groceries, picking up the kids from school and other duties are all dedicated to these types of cars. Hence, they are on the road much more frequently which greatly raises the risk for them being in an accident or an instance where a claim can be put forward.

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