The Stig, Hammond & James May responds to BBC Decision to let Jeremy go

Top Gear presenter James May ended his statements with “As much as I think his a knob, I quiet like working with Jeremy” which only means that the show will go on without the trio.

Watch Jeremy Clarkson’s response on video

The internet has been going wild over BBC’s decision to let its most renowned presenter go, and it did so yesterday when they said they wouldn’t renew Jeremy Clarkson’s contract. James May goes to explain how the show could possibly go on without them, since it had been reformatted several times before.

Hammond displayed a different kind of affection on Twitter, “We’re all three of us idiots in our different ways but it’s been an incredible ride together.”

This is what the former Stig had to say about it..

The Stig wasn’t so happy about this decision at all really? he continues to make fun of BBC’s decision to ruin the show. He goes on to say that the show was a money maker, and BBC wasn’t looking for its best interest when it made such a horrendous mistake. They should be leaders he said.

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Top Gear would be damaged goods indeed since the trio were the ones creating the magic onscreen, and they all worked together to create a proper tv car show. He also explains how it is perfect timing for the three to start their own car show somewhere else, like Fox.

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