The Lamborghini Diverso Concept

Lamborghini Deverso Final 2

Diverso (Italian) means different, and the Lamborghini Diverso concept is the encompassment of that because Lamborghini needs a hybrid mega car to flex its Italian hairy muscles.

Lamborghini Diverso Top View

A proper Spoiler

Featuring one of the wildest spoilers you will ever see on a production car, the wing of the Lamborghini Diverso spans from the left front doors, all the way to the other side giving the Diverso amazing drag-co efficiency and insane downforce on corners, which also adds to the overall balance and stability of the car on corners. The wing also helps cool the engine in the rear, thanks to its functional design that includes two air ducts behind the front wheels sending air directly to the engine.

Function and Form

The front splitters are vital for this mega-car, channeling air through 3 main ducts incorporated within the cars chassis directly underneath the Diverso to cool off the mechanical & electric components of the Italian thoroughbred, and while not so clear it is apparent that the rear axle benefits from a detachment of the body which saves weight and gives each corner its own independent suspension and electric motor to boost torque adequately.

Lamborghini Deverso Final 2

Past and Future

Lamborghini is super car royalty, and there isn’t anything to add to its great history and its roll in shaping the designs of today, it was as simple as “Ferruccio Lamborghini’s” original dream to create the best super car out-there and make it look good too.


Not so long ago, Lamborghini celebrated Ferrucios 50 years of successes by introducing the Lamborghini Egotistsa, which turned out to be one of craziest concepts to come out from a car manufacturer today. Lamborghini does indeed have the Asterion GT which features an electric-petrol motor that produces 907bhp, but that doesn’t look sharp enough for us, hence the Diverso – Lamborghini’s dethroning and utter annihilation of any Hybrid supercar today!

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