The Fenyr SuperSport unveiled at the 2015 Dubai Motor Show


W Motors just unveiled the Fenyr SuperSport at the 2015 Dubai Motor Show minutes ago, and it looks insane – in a good way. The new Fenyr SuperSport takes a lot of design cues from Lykan Hypersport which is the original supercar seen in the Fast and Furious franchise. The new Fenyr Supersport does look much better than the Hypersport to be honest, sort of like an R edition with a sculpted edgier look and some impressive gadgetry.

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The car is certainly one of the most aggressive yet stylish cars i have ever seen thanks to the sharp edgy lines at every single corner blended in nicely with the rest of the body work. The Fenyr almost barely has any organic lines on its body and we don’t mind that at all. The front end receives a much more aggressive air inlet to suck more air in while the rear is very similar to the Lykan Hypersport. The rims seem unchanged with some red inserts on the spokes and that’s about it. The profile of the car is the best part, with that huge air scoop behind the doors to insure the twin turbo V6 is fed enough air.

W Motors plans to build only 25 units that will pack over 1000 hp. Overall, the design is something new and refreshing, and we were pleased with the overall package but the question remains the same. Will it be priced like the $3.4 m Lykan?

W Motors Fenyr Super Sport

Stay tuned for more, as W Motors releases the official details of the new Fenyr SuperSport. Meanwhile, join us at 6pm to chit chat and help around.

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It’s named after the Asgardian wolf, such an aggressive design though.. Open to the public at 6pm, see you there..


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