The BMW X4’s Nightmare – The Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe


The BMW X4 offered a car or a package that couldn’t be rivaled by the two other German’s (Audi and Mercedes), until now.. This is it ladies and gentlemen – The Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe and it looks like it is going to eat the X4 for breakfast, dinner and lunch.

But this didn’t come out of coincidence, Mercedes-Benz has been working on the GLC Coupe concept for a long time and they have all the rights to brag about it with their debut at the 2015 Shanghai Auto Show tomorrow where we expect this Coupe-crossover to make a huge buzz.


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You might remember the GLE Coupe concept which was set to rival the BMW X6 which also made its debut last year in China at the Shanghai Auto Show. But this time, the concept looks very promising and stylish to say the least and it aims for the X4 rather than the larger X6. Let’s put it this way, there is no way I would buy an X4 over this beauty.

Although Mercedes-Benz hasn’t been so clear about production plans for the GLC Coupe, they did state that there is always room for more via statement they made earlier today – “There is room for further models, such as a production version of the Concept GLC Coupe.” We are pretty sure this means the green light has been given for this BMW X4 rivaling beauty.


The 2017 Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe sticks to the current design language of all Mercedes vehicles, keeping all the smooth lines and stylish sweeps of the German brand and maintaining an exotic profile all throughout. The car measures 186.2 inches in length and 78.8 in width while the wheelbase measures in at 111.4 inches. We loved the exhaust tail pipe design that sticks out the most, and differentiates the GLC Coupe from the rest of the line up.

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For fans in the Middle East, and specifically Dubai where we are located – You might be very happy about the new GLC Coupe as it will go for sale over here for sure if it does make it into production due to the high demand for a sporty crossover that looks better than the outdated BMW X4.

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