Here is how Tesla solved the Supercharger Spot Blocking


So, as many of you know – Tesla offered free Supercharger stations for its customers to enjoy a headache free smooth charging experience. Only there was one thing wrong, some people were enjoying it a bit too much.

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So basically, people would pull into the Supercharger spot – get there car fully charged and just leave it there because they are too lazy to move it, or they just simply want to abuse the free space.

Tesla struck, and it struck quickly and gracefully by applying a $0.40-cent per minute “Supercharger Idle Fee”, although not much it might cause those cheap owners to get moving and free empty spots up within 5 minutes or it will start charging you.


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Other countries will receive a similar fee scheme, and the way this works is that the Tesla app notifies the driver that his car is fully charged and has 5 minutes to remove it. If he fails to do so, the app will start to charge the owner for hogging the spot.


Tesla isn’t about making money from this as they say: “To be clear, this change is purely about increasing customer happiness and we hope to never make any money from it.”

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