Tesla Model X Warns Driver of Imminent Accident

Tesla Model X

Usually when there is news about a Tesla, it’s always bad. Not this time, the Tesla Model X in this video was able to warn the driver within seconds of the imminent crash that would have happened.

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At the time of the video, the driver was not using the autonomous mode, instead he was driving normally. What alerted him was the onboard pre-collision warning system which might have applied a bit of brake force initially.

Since the Jeep decided to take the exit at the last second, both the SUV trailing behind it and the Tesla Model X had about 3-4 seconds until they hit a stand still from 47-mph.

Tesla Model X

If it weren’t for the noise alert, the drivers reaction might have been delayed by a second or two – which would have probably resulted in a collision.

At the end of the day, it all goes down to the driver of the Tesla Model X, had he not been alert and focused on the road – no sort of pre-collision system would have helped.

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