Tesla Model S Gets Improved Aerodynamic Drag “Larte” Body Kit & Engine Sound

larte-enigma-body-kit-for-tesla-model-s- (12)

If you aren’t too familiar with Tesla Motors [NSDQ:TSLA] and there up and down history, I suggest you do some reading on the internet for a bit. It is pretty interesting for any gear-head with or against electric cars because Tesla is the only major game changer in that field, and you deserve to know about the future of petrol and its unfortunate future.

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But, Elon Musk (Tesla CEO & Founder) wants to make Electric cars fun to drive, fast and Insane.. He even added an Insane acceleration button in the Tesla PD85S just so he can show the world that electric cars aren’t a thing to be dreaded. The only thing missing here is the petrol engine sound to be honest, and the whole drama that comes with it which seems to be gone nowadays anyways with PDK and Double Clutch transmissions which ensure for a smooth quite drive that lacks any rawness whatsoever.

larte-enigma-body-kit-for-tesla-model-s- (6)

But, lets talk about the Tesla Model S and its new fake sound track and improved Aerodynamic Drag Larte body kit which is meant to make the Tesla more attractive and sporty. Tuning company Larte introduced the Larte Enigma body kit for the Tesla Model S which somehow manages to make it less slippery than the stock body kit but gives it an aggressive look all together.
larte-enigma-body-kit-for-tesla-model-s- (4)

An induced fake engine noise to make it interesting:

“The integrated electronic sound demonstrating the unbelievable 700 horsepower, will definitely increase the safety of all road users and give this supercar a worthy soundtrack to match its great looks.”

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