This is the Tesla Model 3

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I really don’t know how to feel about the new Tesla Model 3 because it sort of feels emotionless in every aspect, becoming more and more of a robot and no body likes stale emotionless things now do they? You want a machine that excites you and talks to you often through beautiful design language that has you looking back at it every-time you park.

But that’s not the case at all here, the Tesla Model 3 serves a higher purpose of introducing affordable electric family cars to the masses without polluting the environment. The new Tesla Model 3 does that and more – it was unveiled at the Tesla Design studio in Hawthorne with a price tag estimated to be around $35,000 since this is the entry level Tesla and an expected 215 miles of range at least.

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk reveled that this will be the first part of the Model 3 unveil, while an expected second part will come soon enough when production starts and with vague statements like that; you can expect a lot more to come for the Tesla Model 3. Another interesting bit reveled by Musk was the acceleration of the Tesla Model 3; he said it would do 0 to 60 mph in 6 seconds flat and also hinted at a much faster version available for purchase which should feature the dual motor layout found in the Tesla Model S 70D.

Obviously since this is a Sedan/hatchback it seats 5 people comfortably and has enough room for almost all of your luggage. It will get Autopilot hardware and will be a breeze to recharge from one of any 3,600 Supercharger stations available worldwide by the end of 2017. Tesla is also planning to add more than 300 percent destination chargers and to increase the total number of Tesla stores from 215 to 441.


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Styling wise, it’s not that pretty but it does introduce an industry first panoramic glass roof with no aluminum pillars. It takes a lot of design ques from the Tesla Model S but goes for a blunt bumper with no grille and almost has the same rear end as the Model S but adds a huge industry first single-piece rear panoramic window which can also protect against harmful UV rays emitted from the sun. The Tesla Model 3 does have a slightly larger roof line towards the rear to accommodate taller people and add legroom space for passengers at the back helping it gain competitive advantage over the rest.

As one would expect, a lot of the good materials found on the Tesla Model S will be replaced with cheaper ones that don’t compromise on quality but helps make the Tesla Model 3 a worldwide car that can be mass produced without loss. The Tesla Model 3 interior is very simple, with no gauge cluster and barely anything around the driver and passengers but one huge 15 inch screen in the middle that has all the information you need.


It’s really bold in-terms of newly introduced ideas, but the Tesla Model 3 will indeed feature autopilot as standard – allowing the driver to take his hands of the steering wheel and enjoy doing whatever he wants while the Model 3 takes care of the driving. Furthermore, 130,000 orders have been made for the Tesla Model 3 which means they already made $130 million easily since it costs $1,000 to make a reservation in advance.

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Now that the Tesla Model 3 is on its way to production signaling the next phase of Elon Musk’s devilish plan of manifesting Electric cars all around the world. Tesla now has an SUV “Model X”, a Sports car “Model S” and an affordable family car “Model 3” – He might just get it right. And now with news of Tesla’s Gigafactory in Nevada, Lithium Ion battery packs will be produced on a large scale which reduces production costs by more than 30% with an expected production capacity of 500,000 units per year.


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