Tesla Model 3 Wont Get Free Supercharger Network Usage


During the annual shareholders meeting at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, Tesla CEO “Elon Musk” stated that “Free supercharging fundamentally has a cost” and by that he means you might have to pay for using the supercharger network that can charge your Tesla Model 3 in 30 minutes and give you 170 miles of range.

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You will obviously be taking advantage of the super fast charging and can opt for a package that would be convenient to your usage. Elon insists that it will still be cheaper than using gasoline especially during long distance drives. Tesla Model 3 owners can purchase an unspecified package that will allow them to use the supercharger stations without a fee, although Elon Musk did not reveal any details on the pricing list yet.

Recently after launching the Tesla Model 3, Tesla received around 400,000 orders which have then reduced to 373,000 after cancellations and duplicates removal. But Tesla is adamant with its plan to build 500,000 car per year until 2018 thanks to the high demand on all of Tesla’s products.

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Expect to see Tesla Model 3 cars on the road by late 2017 thanks to the new Gigafactory that allows to get the car at such low prices and on short notice. Battery cells will also be produced at the Gigafactory during the fourth quarter of 2016 in collaboration with Panasonic Corp, the current supplier of battery cells for the Tesla Model X and Model S cars.

The Tesla Model 3 has proven to be a fan favorite amongst people who are willing to shed $35,000 for an electric car with a good design and a proven plan. I’m starting to accept the idea of electric cars, but I would love to see electric buses, ships, planes, vans and trucks as that’s where most of the pollution happens.

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