Teen’s Painful Attempt at Parking His Moms Porsche

Teen's Painful Attempt at Parking His Moms Porsche

Mom, I swear to god it was like that when you left it in the garage. Says the teen who was in for the scolding of a lifetime after destroying his moms Porsche, her garage and his reputation.

The story behind this botch parking job went viral yesterday after this teenager was recorded trying to force park his moms Porsche Cayenne after a hit and run. The unlicensed 16-year old driver was trying to hide the car before anyone caught up with his little crime, but little did he know he was in for a big one.

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The 16-year old was apparently joy riding the SUV when his mother was out of the country and is now facing chargers of a hit and run without due care, it was really painfull to watch – I mean, the dude was adamant to force insert the Porsche no matter what.

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