DS E-Tense Electric Sports Car Concept

DS is a luxury brand not many are fimiliar with but it does belong to PSA Peugeot Citroen just like Toyota has the Lexus brand and Nissan with the Inifiniti. And of-course DS are releasing their all electric DS E-Tense sports car at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show set to have … Continue reading

The Most Powerful McLaren P1 GTR To Debut at Geneva

This is it, the most powerful and exclusive McLaren is going to make its way to the Geneva Auto Show this march, billed as the most capable and fastest McLaren ever built, the McLaren P1 GTR is the one to buy if you want some serious track performance, with the … Continue reading

Lykan Hypersport for sale at $3.4 Million At Dubai Dealership

If you live in Dubai, chances are you already know both the Lykan Hypersport and Al Ain Class because 1. The Lykan was made in Dubai and 2. Al Ain Class is responsible for selling the most exotic cars to ever step foot in Dubai, the likes of Bugatti, the Carrera … Continue reading