Super Cool Audi T-Rex Commercial

Audi T-Rex Commercial

Man, car commercials keep getting better and better. Just days ago, we wrote a review about the new Jeep Cherooke SRT commercial where it races an aerobatic plane. Check it out, it’s the first time an SUV has been pitted against a plane. But this Audi T-Rex Commercial is just fantastic, because it’s so creative.

Here it is:

Now if you haven’t understood the creative part. The T-Rex has short hands and he thought he could do anything until he found out he couldn’t drive cars which made him feel like a failure. Until he found out about Audi’s Piloted Driving. Such a smart way to display automated driving using a T-Rex; like, who would have thought about this. Pure genius, i tell you.

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Audi is also hinting at how Piloted Driving can change peoples lives. Imagine the disabled being able to drive without supervision, people who lost limbs or even people with bad sight.

The development of the Piloted Driving software is still in the works, and is aimed for the upcoming A8 promising supreme levels of autonomy similar to the Tesla Model S and Model X.


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