Subaru BRZ STI Sport Premiers in Japan & Remains Unchanged

Subaru BRZ STI Sport

The new Subaru BRZ STI Sport premieres at the Tokyo Motor Show and as many enthusiasts predicted; it did not get a turbocharger despite the STI badge and the lack of power everyone has been complaining about for so long.

Subaru did however add unique bodywork and made changes to the steering, added 18 inch wheels and installed new Sachs dampers. This should increase handling prowess and make the little BRZ livelier.

Subaru BRZ STI Sport

As with the WRX STI S208, the new Subaru BRZ STI Sport will be a limited production car that will be produced in 100 units only. The Cool Grey Khaki shade is carried on from S208 and the car also comes equipped with V-braces and more significant rear suspension mount points to improve the handling.

Sadly though, the naturally aspirated 2.0-liter engine remains unchanged with 197 hp and no turbo in sight.

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