SpaceX Hires Sci-Fi’s Greatest Suit Designer For their Own SpaceSuits

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SpaceX Hires Sci-Fi's Greatest Suite Designer For their Own SpaceSuits Main

Elon Musk is not one to shy away from doing things that the average man wouldn’t even think about. The Insane mode on the Tesla P85D and the Ludicrous mode on the new model 3 are a few examples. Hell, he even landed a rocket after launching it on a drone ship, now if that isn’t enough – just listen to what he plans on doing next with SpaceX.

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Space X

So you’ve probably seen some of the legendary costume designer Jose Fernandez Sci-Fi suits in movies like Tron:Legacy, Jupiter Ascending, The Avengers and Iron Man. But SpaceX has hired the man to build their own in-house spacesuits. Jose Fernandez is known for his extravagant Sci-Fi looking suits that are functional but also extremely realistic and good looking.

Elon Musk was saying he wanted the suits to look “badass” and ready to be revealed by the end of this year, since they will be putting much effort into the aesthetics of the suits they also want them to be just as good if not better than the standard ones we have today. But the catch was for Jose Fernandez and the rest of the team to have something ready in two weeks.

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SpaceX asked four other companies to make a bid for the project and Elon eventually chose Jose to take over the project which was already six months in the works – and they ended up finalizing on one suit which will be reverse-engineered for functional flight and other technical adjustments. You would have to wait a couple of months for the final suit reveal, stay tuned for more.


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