Have You Seen The 2016 Formula 1 Season in 8-Bit?

2016 Formula 1 Season

So, The 2016 Formula 1 Season might have been the least entertaining one till date. Thus, Formula 1’s official channel decided to give us something much more entertaining. A nice little 8-bit summary of the whole thing.

In the 2016 Formula 1 Season 8-bit video, the creators managed to squeeze in the entire 21-races while adding an extra bit of humor in one 3 minute video. This could be far more entertaining than the actual season though.

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What did you think of the 2016 Formula 1 Season this year, did it live up to your adrenaline charged enthusiasm? or was it too boring to even discuss. Nico’s exit sure did make things quite interesting towards the end with rumors and jokes spreading on social media regarding his replacement.

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