Save your money for the new Rolls Royce SUV


The words Rolls Royce and SUV usually don’t come up in one sentence,  because no one ever associates Rolls Royce with an upscale SUV. But times change and we will see the brands big luxury cocoon soon.

But Rolls Royce is banking on making a 4×4 version of their luxury machines, and selling it in adequate numbers or so they say. Chairman Peter Schwarzenbauer and CEO Torsten Müller-Ötvös both said that the Rolls Royce SUV is something normal as it reflects the brand’s rugged roots and wouldn’t be considered as a radical change.


With enough cash you can buy yourself a Rolls Royce Phantom, a Wraith or a Ghost for prices as low/high as 1,201,000, but until now you couldn’t get your hands on a proper luxurious 4×4 from the German BMW owned Rolls Royce.

The funny thing is, Rolls Royce refers to this car as high-bodied car that can cross any terrain with ease – are they feeling shameful in saying it is an SUV? A spokesman said: “The words sport and utility don’t feature in the Rolls-Royce lexicon and that was why it was important not to say those words and nor will we ever.”

No body knows how the new Rolls Royce SUV is going to look like, as the German luxury manufacturer is being discreet about design at the moment but it is going to be one hell of an SUV I tell you.


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