Rumors That McLaren Partners with Apple Are Real


Rumors have been spreading around that McLaren Partners with Apple and they are true. The British super car manufacturer McLaren has just revealed that it did indeed have talks with Tech conglomerate “Apple” over a partnership bid to secure the future of the companies tech side.

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Most of you already know that Apple was planning to dive into autonomous vehicle technology, and several teasers of an iCar appeared online but none of them came into fruition. It’s not really clear what the company plans on doing next, but a partnership with McLaren could be exactly what the company needs to understand the car market.


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Don’t get your hopes up yet, as Reuters reported that McLaren chief executive Mike Flewit said nothing was made of the conversation and it never matured to a definitive proposition. He did however mention that several bids were made to secure the British brand, but they were all turned down.

McLaren Automotive has only been producing production vehicles since 2011. And is now one of the most esteemed super car and hyper car producers in the world with cars like the P1, the 675LT and the current lineup of affordable super cars like the 540C. The British company is now valued at $1.3-1.95 billion. With such an attractive price, a lot of interested parties are in the pool of bidders.

On another note, did you know that 50% of McLaren is owned by the Bahrain Government? The other 25% is owned by Saudi entrepreneur Mansour Ojjeh and they recently ousted McLaren boss Ron Dennis.

Do you think that if McLaren Partners with Apple, it might lose its super car charm?

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