Rotary Comeback – Mazda RX9 Approved for 2020

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The Mazda RX9 is making a comeback in the name of rotary sports cars and fans are raging with excitement. If it’s going to be anything like the previous legendary RX7, chances are Mazda would be selling them like hotcakes on the showroom floor.

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Mazda formally signaled an “okay” on the Mazda RX9 project to turn the concept into an actual production car, which we reckon might look better than the concept when done. A lot of people thought Mazda might keep the RX7 nameplate and host the new body as a facelifted model, but no. We’re getting a totally new car and that’s good by me.


The RX9 will debut as an official prototype in 2017, then be released to the public in 2019 until it is available on the showroom floor by 2020. The engine remains a mystery, but it will be a rotary for sure with Mazda’s new technology and improved lightweight body and chassis. Expect power to reach 400-hp plus and weight to be around 2,800 pounds (unofficial leaked documents) depending on the Toyota FT-1 Supra successor. The two should be neck-n-neck in comparison.


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The engine speculated is the twin-turbo 1.6-liter twin-rotary unit that should host a 6-speed dual clutch or a manual transmission powering the rear wheels only. Nothing else is confirmed but that’s just the start.

The interior previewed in the RX-Vision concept looked similar to the FT-1 slingshot interior design, but this one was rather simplistic and purely track-driven.

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