Rezvani Beast Alpha Teases Signature ‘Sidewinder’ Doors


Rezvani just released another teaser of their upcoming model, the Rezvani Beast Alpha set to debut on November 6th. Although not much has been released, it’s more than enough to make us wonder.

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Rezvani motors already have two cars, the Beast and the Beast X. One for the driving enthusiast and the other for the extreme track performance oriented driver. The new Rezvani Beast Alpha is targeted for someone looking for creature comforts and a comfortable ride. Rizvani says this will be the ultimate lightweight sports car.

From the teaser image, you can see the interior has been improved and now looks like a normal sports car, and not just another stripped racing cockpit like the previous models.

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What to expect? Air conditioning, traction control, airbags, power-lock, windows and possibly a removable targa style top. But the most interesting feature would have to be the new Sidewinder doors, as Rezvani calls them.


Although we got one image to drool over. Rezvani did tell us that the doors are “providing optimal entering and exiting clearance alongside unparalleled style” for the occupants, something which hasn’t been done in any sportscar so far. Umm, i’m not sure they say the Koenigsegg Helix Actuation Door System which is the most innovative door on the market right now.



All of Rezvani’z products are based on the Ariel Atom 3 which are then dressed with a carbon-fiber body. The engine is the same Honda K24 DOHC 2.4L Twin Turbo charged engine, which makes up to 700-hp in the Beast X version and nearly 500 in the standard verion. The Beast X can catapult all the way from 0-62 mph in 2.5 seconds and is equipped with a 6 speed manual and an optional 6-speed auto.

“Building on the success of the original Beast, the new Beast Alpha promises to bring to market unequivocal style, supercar-rivaling performance, and competitive pricing,” Rezvani said in a statement made earlier.

Do you fancy a Rezvani Beast Alpha  in your garage?


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