RevoZport BMW M2 Is The Real M4 Killer

RevoZport BMW M2

Ever since BMW launched the M2, tuners have been working on several kits to make it faster and better. This right here is the RevoZport BMW M2, the real M4 killer.

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RevoZport promises an even faster, more hardcore version of the BMW M2. They started off by replacing the chrome grille with a blacked out one ($580), then added a new front splitter with three different downforce setups to improve brake cooling ($2,800).

Then you get the carbon fiber parts which are even more costly – The CF canards go for $630 a set, then the carbon side skirts for $1,900, the carbon swan-neck spoiler for $2,000, the carbon lip-spoiler for $450, a three-set carbon rear diffuser for 1,800 and finally the carbon hood for $2,000.

So, it’s safe to say the cosmetics on the RevoZport BMW M2 aren’t cheap and add up to a grand total of $12,160. Besides being able to purchase them for much lower on the website during their current promotion. There is something that will make up for all of that extra cash spent.

The power upgrades raise the M2’s 3.0-liter Turbo-six’s power from 365-hp to 473-hp via an ECU tune, customized air intake and a new titanium exhaust specially developed by RevoZport.

RevoZport BMW M2

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