Report Says Renault Might Have Cheated Emissions for 25 Years & Ghosn Knew

Renault Dieselgate

It doesn’t take much for news to surface, certainly something as big as a Renault Dieselgate accusation. French newspaper reveals that Boss Carlos Ghosn knew all about Renault Cheating emissions and did nothing. I guess Volkswagen is taking a huge sigh of relief now.

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Rueters cited the local publication Liberation which says that Renault used similar devices to those used by Volkswagen to cheat emission in order to meet nitrogen oxide levels, it also says that the Mk4 and the Captur were polluting 300 percent more in their real-world conditions as opposed to what the tests say.

The French consumer protection agency also stated that top executives in addition to Carlos Ghosn knew all about the emissions cheating for over 25 years but did nothing about it.

The agency points fingers to everyone in the chain of command, and specifically targets Ghosn “no delegation of powers had been established by Carlos Ghosn regarding the approval of engine control strategies.”

But Renault has refused to release any information on the incident until everything has been cleared – Renault published a statement in response “will not comment on a current investigation, the latter being confidential by nature and Renault having as yet no access to the case. As a consequence, Renault cannot confirm the veracity, completeness and reliability of the information published in [the] article.”

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