Renault Twingo GT Extended Gallery

Renault Twingo GT front

Just days after the Renault Twingo GT launch in the UK, it underwent an extensive photo shoot that took place in the streets of Paris. The photos were taken close to the street art locations with normal roads.

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Renault Twingo GT rear

The Renault Twingo GT seen in the pictures prances around with vibrant orange paint and black stripes with a nice flared body kit and 17-inch alloy rims making it the tangiest sportiest Twingo you can buy. If you’re French and enjoy something like this mini hatchback with visual flare added to it perhaps. No pun intended.

Renault Twingo GT badge

Let’s carry on. The Renault Twingo GT is indeed a Smart car with four doors powered by a turbo charged three-cylinder that produces 108-hp and 125 lb-ft of torque. All of this power goes through a 5-speed manual transmission and translated to a 0-62 mph time of 9.6 seconds. “GT” indeed, no pun intended.

Renault Twingo GT interior

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If you’re interested in the Renault Twingo GT, you’re definitely not naive enough to think it’s fast by any means but you are one of those people who enjoy the functionality of such a machine. Although the Fiat 500 Abarth offers plenty of pros, looks a lot better and has 160-hp it still costs a little bit more.

Renault Twingo GT street

I personally think the Twingo GT is a great looking car that is probably very fun to drive around town. But the GT isn’t to be taken seriously in such a segment, you’re better off buying other performance RS models from Renault if your looking for track toys. This could be a great car for the casual female that enjoys a lovely small car with stylish looks and good economy.

Launching date December, 2016
Renault Twingo GT price £13,775
Renault Twingo Dynamique S Price £12,205
Engine 0.9 litre TCe petrol engine
Horsepower 109 bhp

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