Do you really need the actual car for a car commercial? This company doesn’t think so.


As it becomes increasingly difficult to advertise different car models that change constantly due to model revisions. Blackbird is a new fully adjustable car rig that plans to solve all of those problems using CGI and real physical elements.

The Blackbird is actually the worlds first fully adjustable car rig that can mimic any cars length and width for realistic data capture later used for CGI and environment adjustment. The Blackbird can adjust its width by up to 10 inches and its length by as much as 4 feet.


The animators then re-skin the car on so that it resembles the car you want to advertise and with the electric motor on-board, you can mimic the exact driving personalty of that car (rear wheel driver, front wheel drive..etc)

Check out: Mighty Brabus 850 Mercedes-AMG S63 Cabriolet

Other advance elements allow for 100% realistic rendering of the environment thanks to the 3 laser scanning and high dynamic range imagery systems with a bespoke Blackbird AR application that allows you to see the selected vehicle on the rig tracked live and on location.

The rig was named after the Blackbird SR-71 Supersonic jet which was produced on the very same hanger as the rig which took just two years to develop.


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