Range Rover Hijacked While Unsuspecting Owner Pumps Gas

Range Rover hijacked

Here’s what happens when you forget to lock your doors while pumping gas in a court station, your precious Range Rover hijacked in plain sight.

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This won’t be the case in Dubai, since most petrol stations have attendants who fill for you. If you live in the U.S. though, chances are you’re filling your own gas and there’s a chance some thief is right around the corner waiting for you to make a mistake.

This CCTV footage shows a White Kia Optima stopping next to the victim’s Range Rover, perfectly timing the hijacking just when the owner turns to put in the details on the machine.

Philadelphia Police are looking for the suspect and encourage anyone who knows anything to come forward. The incident took place in Cottman Avenue on March 5th. More of the story, lock your car and keep the key in your pocket just incase.

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