Race Capture App offers Social Embdeded Metrics to the Masses


Have you ever wanted to just take a lap and have all the data transferred onto your phone and then shared with your buddies on any circuit in the world via social media? well, now you can with this new app that works via satellite, and on board OBD, WIFI and the Accelometer Gyro in your smart phone.

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There isn’t much you can do these days to share your lap times aside from manually recording it or via a go pro onboard, but with Race Capture things might change as Autosport Labs, the company behind Race Capture plans on making it much more easier and cheat-free. It will run you about $199 (if your car is 2008+ model) or ($259 if the car was built before 2008 for the OBD2 device) both of which include very useful tech: a high-performance GPS, an accelerometer, gyro, CAN bus/OBD2 data, and a Wi-Fi connection.

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But what if you go drag racing? or drifting? Aren’t there supposed to be data for that too.. Race Capture handles all sorts of different racing activity. For drifting it will enable you to obtain (oversteer/understeer) to measure your yaw movement while for drag racing it will give you reaction times and super precise acceleration data and rpm shift times.

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Autosport Labs gives you a lot of options when it comes to sharing your race data via social media. You can share videos and lap times with your friends just to show them that you weren’t kidding about that 11 second quarter mile, or that 1 minute lap time or whatever. You have data and video to backup your stories and Race Capture can’t have any foul play. You also have the ability to map out any place and create your own personal track to help you visualize those spots you enjoy a spirited drive in every now and then.



If you are already sold on the idea, go to this link and help the guys at Autosport labs complete this project in Kickstarter.

Link to kick starter project here

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